Katzin was born in Virginia but came of age in Manhattan, playing guitar, writing songs with sweet choruses, and trying to make sense of what it means to grow up in a pandemic. A sensitive soul, he was fascinated by classic alt-rock hooks and indie ethics, hippie girls, plus how the city and the world moved around and through him, trying to remain emotionally open to whatever came his way. A lot did. Katzin was a studio rat, composing and recording all the time, and in 2021 he went viral (kinda), with “Getaway,” a tight bit of new wave that sounded like Barney from New Order rewriting Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979.” The song was funny, emo, magical. He recruited friends to play live with him, and together they gleefully performed his ever-expanding batch of songs at house shows in Greenpoint, record stores in Ridgewood, and the well-worn musical saloons of Bleecker Street and the Lower East Side. Katzin’s following wasn’t big, but it was dedicated. You’d see the same kids at each show; they knew most of the words, and smiled at each other when they sang along. In 2023, after much deliberation, Katzin decided to try his luck in California, but before he settled out West, he finished up the Holy Cow! EP, whose four songs continue his preternatural playfulness with melodies and classic song structure, while turning up his guitar and placing it up front.  

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